My Two Cents on The Insurance Game

Patty Hiestand,RN, BSN, IBCLC
Owner, BRB Lactation

I have seen the profound difference qualified breastfeeding help can make. I urge you to momentarily step back from the insurance game (and it is a lousy, unfair and sadly broken game for far too many) and remember what is at stake. The life-long nutritional and emotional benefits to both you and your baby have been clearly demonstrated. It matters.

Unfortunately, while many parents will drop several hundred dollars (or more) on a new stroller or other baby gizmo, they may forgo working with a lactation consultant if their insurance company balks. 

Please don't give the insurance industry that sort of power over the well-being of you and your baby. Just as you would with any other purchase, I urge you to weigh the costs and benefits — and then make your own decision.