Lactation Consulting Services in Whatcom County

I am a maternal/child home health care nurse with more than 30 years experience helping new moms and babies — and the wonderful dads and others that support them — get off to a healthy start. In 1998 I became an internationally certified lactation consultant and have worked with new families in both the hospital and clinic settings — and visited hundreds in their homes —  providing personal, practical support to help them get off on the right foot. 

I love my work.  I truly believe breasts are best and the investment you make in breastfeeding is one of the most important gifts you can provide your baby.  I provide gentle, supportive, breastfeeding help in a family-centered environment as I work with you, your baby, your supporting cast and healthcare providers.


An In-Home Visit Includes

Each visit includes a detailed history of mom and baby, an assessment of maternal/infant anatomy, and an observation of a feeding for evaluation of technique and effectiveness of feeding.  All clients are provided with a written and/or verbal care path to improve breastfeeding concerns. Each consult generally lasts about 90 minutes (some will go longer, some can be shorter depending on your needs). 

While one visit (with a follow-up contact) is often all that is required, additional in-home follow-up visits are sometimes necessary to successfully resolve some breastfeeding problems and are billed separately, Currently I only serve clients in Whatcom County. 

I will happily provide a report to your healthcare provider, as required or requested.

My Specialties Include

  • Sucking difficulties that interfere with breastfeeding (e.g. tongue-tied)

  • Prevention and management of engorgement and sore nipples

  • Positioning and latching problems

  • Establishing and increasing milk supply

  • Monitoring and encouraging infant weight gain

  • Pumping

  • Working with twins (multiples)

  • Premature babies

  • Prenatal breastfeeding assessment and counseling

  • Creating a feeding plan for returning to work

  • Weaning

  • Support for Mom’s emotional/physical needs (I've been there!)

  • Transgender support

  • Support for adoptive moms

  • Providing general maternal/child medical information, as required


I charge $185 for an initial consultation, which includes all travel charges to your home in Whatcom County and a follow-up telephone call. (Follow-up visits are $175.)  I accept cash, check or credit card at the time of our consultation.


To keep my costs low (and to keep things simple), like most home-based lactation consultants I do not direct-bill insurance companies. Instead, I provide you with a detailed "super-bill," which is in the format insurance companies require, that is ready to be submitted directly to them for reimbursement.  

The Affordable Care Act now requires all but a few older medical insurance plans to fully cover — without a copay or co-insurance — lactation support services for as long as you choose to breastfeed. Much more information is available here

Unfortunately, at this time I am not contracted to provide services to Medicaid clients, which falls outside the Affordable Care Act.

Availability for Home Visit Lactation Consultation


Self-referrals are accepted. 

Weekend visits are available.

To request a home consult, please call me at (360) 474-7092 or use my online scheduler, below.